Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinkalicious Preschool Learning!

Ah, Pinkalicious. I'm so conflicted on these books - I feel as though the lesson is brief and on the last page, and all the bad behavior on the preceding pages isn't quite wiped out. Still, whatever keeps the girls interested in learning and busy during the day is a good thing! We spent about a week doing activities, but there are so many more out there that I think another Pinkalicious week is in the works!
I'm breaking this down into learning activities, just-for-fun activities, and food/snacks:

Learning Activities:
3. Sing songs about pink! I found a very cute one at Mama Made it For You  - she also has other pinkalicious-related crafts and activities!
4. And even more printables: http://thinkpinkalicious.com/games
5. M&M math - I still have a horde of pink M&Ms I bought around Valentine's Day, and we use those to do addition and subtraction problems - and a right answer results in a mouthful of M&Ms!
6. Read the books with color-coded smoothies - the creative mom at Color Wheel Meals came up with 3 delicious smoothies to go with Purplicious, Pinkalicious, and Goldilicious:
Fun Activities:
1. Make crowns - these are FANTASTIC, but require some prep work:
2. Play with pink streamers and dance to music!
3. Get the day started by waking on and decking yourselves out in pink!

1. Pink pasta lunch - you can either add some food coloring to noodles that are boiling, or you can make pasta colored with beets! Love this one featuring Animal. I had found some pastel striped bowtie pasta at World Market that I used for the occasion, combined with "pink" sauce (a marinara/alfredo mix.)
2. Fruit wands - thread different fruits on a skewer, ending it with a slice of star fruit!
3. Strawberry Cheesecake Crackers
4. Pinkalicious Muffin Tin Meal - so cute!
5. All-Natural Pink Milk from One Hungry Mama
6. And - naturally - make pink cupcakes!

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