Monday, March 4, 2013

Bang Bang Chicken Kabobs

I'm becoming the queen of finding easy and delicious recipes. Yeah, I said it. Please address me as Your Highness henceforth . . .

These are absolutely fabulous - I found this through Pinterest, which linked to the blog of the brilliant mind over at ANY recipe incorporating Sriracha is fine by us!

Bang Bang Chicken Kabobs
adapted from

1.5 lbs chicken, cut into bite-size pieces (I always use tenderloins, so much easier to cut)
1 green bell pepper, cut into chunks
1 white or yellow onion, cut into chunks
Bamboo wood skewers, soaked for 15 mins
salt and black pepper to taste
1/2 c mayonnaise, divided
1/2 c Thai sweet chili sauce, divided
Sriracha, to taste (I used about 12 drops)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1. Marinate chicken in a mixture of 1/4 c mayo, 1/4 c Thai sweet chili sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. I marinate overnight, but try for a minimum of 2 hours. The original recipe doesn't call for marination, so if you don't have the time, still make this - it's well worth it!
2. Skewer your chicken, and separately, your onions and bell peppers.
3. Whisk together the remaining mayo and sweet chili sauce.
3. Preheat a grill pan to medium-high heat and add oil. Add your skewers, rotating constantly to help the pieces cook on all sides. Baste the veggies 2-3x with the mayo/chili mixture. When veggies are tender, remove them.
4. When chicken is almost cooked, baste on all sides with the mayo/chili mixture. I had to take the chicken off the skewers near the end to ensure the center cooked through - I would still start out on the skewers, since it did keep the middle of the chicken chunks from getting dried out.