Monday, June 17, 2013

Fancy Nancy Preschool Learning! Day One - the Mermaid Ballet and Tea for Two

I utterly, completely adore Fancy Nancy - the books have everything I need to keep my 5-year-old girly girl captivated, and then the new vocabulary is the HUGE cherry on top of the scrumptiously fancy pie. There are so many fun options for a Fancy Nancy Day, and ultimately we broke it up into two days. Day One went along with Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet and Fancy Nancy Tea for Two:

1. Dress Fancy - of course, dahling!
2. Word wall - we created a word wall in a corner of the playroom using Fancy Nancy wall clings that I ordered from Amazon. The plan is to decorate colored index cards with rhinestones and glitter and then write in sight words using an oh-so-fancy feathered pen. Can also easily be adapted for the younger crowd, using just alphabet letters.
3. A Handprint Tutu - I first saw this adorable ballerina handprint tutu on Meet the Dubiens. I had the tutu pinned for months before I finally made it - and honestly, I should have skipped the canvas and just used regular cardstock as the base, since I have zero room on my walls for more artwork. Still adorable to have, though!
4. A fancy schmancy snack of Polka Dot Milkshakes and Ballet Shoe Cookies, while we read the books buying Fancy glasses I bought from Party City. For the milkshakes, all you do is cut large marshmallows in half and stick the sticky side against the side of the mug. The thicker the shake, the better they stick! Then fill them up with your favorite strawberry milkshake recipe. As you can see, many of my marshmallows bobbed to the top of the drink, but the girls loved them regardless!

Many of the ideas from Pinkalicious Learning Day could work here too, particularly the M&M math, crown-making, and snack ideas!