Friday, April 6, 2012

Disney's Absorbing Artwork Craft

Lani had a short day of school because of their Easter party in the morning, so we filled in the afternoon with the Absorbing Artwork craft from Disney's Family Fun magazine - we're trying to introduce science concepts to her regular art projects, and this is a good one for the early preschool years!

The original craft:

Card Stock
Elmer's Glue
Salt (I used a liberal amount of sea salt)
Eyedroppers or straws
Colored water (a few drops of food coloring in about a tablespoon of water)
Rimmed Baking Sheet

Set the card stock in the baking sheet, and let your child draw a series of webbed lines/pictures using the glue. Liberally sprinkle salt over the glue, then tap off the excess. Have your child use the droppers/straws to tap a drop off color on different parts of the paper, and then watch as the colored water travels along the salt/glue formation to create a web of color. Beautiful, quick, and fun!

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